These Top Fashion Brands Are Radically Rethinking Sustainability

7th March 2024

A wave of transformative brands has emerged, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and ethical practices. These pioneers have introduced groundbreaking designs and materials, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. 

Gucci: Gucci Off the Grid

Gucci took a notable stride in 2020 with the introduction of their Off the Grid Collection. This marked a pivotal moment as one of the world's leading luxury brands made a dedicated foray into eco-conscious design. 

Gucci's commitment to sustainability became evident through the creation of a collection that went beyond aesthetics, incorporating ethical practices and environmentally friendly materials.

Yves Saint Laurent : Zero Fur Since 2021

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), led by Francesca Bellettini, is driving sustainability with aims to reduce environmental impact by 40% by 2025 and achieve net-zero by 2050. 

YSL is fur-free since 2021 and targets 100% traceability and compliance with Kering's standards by 2025. Notably, 80% of YSL's cotton in 2021 was GOTS-certified. 

YSL prioritizes leather traceability and waste reduction, saving 200 tonnes of leather and 28,000 squares of fabric through repurposing initiatives. Their focus aligns with reducing the environmental impact of raw material production and processing.

Sheep Inc.’s Negative Carbon Footprint T-Shirt

Sheep Inc., the knitwear brand, recently launched a revolutionary t-shirt with the world's initial naturally negative carbon footprint. 

It stood out due to its NFC-enabled tag, allowing buyers to easily trace the origin and environmental impact of their purchase with a simple tap.

Using a chlorine-free treatment called Eternity X-Care®, the yarn ensured quality, durability, and machine-washability. 

Each biodegradable t-shirt was created with zero-waste 3D Wholegarment® knitting machines powered by solar energy. The self-cleaning properties of Merino wool also reduced the need for frequent washing and drying.

TALA’s 365 Sculpting Lounge Collection

Activewear brand TALA expanded its successful 2022 line with eight new pieces in the 365 collection.

Crafted from super-soft, ribbed fabrics made with biodegradable wood pulp, these materials reduced TALA's product carbon emissions by an impressive 60 percent. 

The collection featured wardrobe basics, including maxi dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, skirts, tops, and bodysuits, all designed for comfort and sustainability.

GANNI’s Bou Bag

Danish label GANNI introduced its Bou Bag, part of a new line made from leather alternatives for spring.

Committed to phasing out virgin leather by 2023, GANNI offered the Bou bag in recycled leather and ohoskin, a luxury leather alternative made from waste generated by orange and cacti farming.

Dye Lab x Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch collaborated with Nigerian small-batch craft brand Dye Lab for an exciting capsule collection. 

This collection included hand-designed, hand-dyed kaftans in multiple colors and patterns, crafted by local artisans using locally-sourced materials. 

The emphasis was on minimizing waste and celebrating traditional craftsmanship, showcasing a commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

Monica Vinader x Mother of Pearl


Luxury labels Monica Vinader and Mother of Pearl joined forces for a five-piece collection inspired by shapes and textures found in nature. 

Crafted from 100 percent recycled gold vermeil and featuring keshi pearls, this collection acted as a companion to the brands' first collaboration. 

Additionally, a percentage of proceeds from select items was donated to various charities for three months.

RE/DONE x Scholl

California-based denim label RE/DONE partnered with heritage footwear brand Scholl Shoes for a limited edition capsule collection. 

The collaboration reimagined Scholl's iconic Pescura silhouette in five new colorways. They used materials like black and red patent leather, neutral-toned leather, and denim made from RE/DONE's upcycled denim scraps.


GANNI introduced its new sports line crafted from recycled nylon and polyester. This eco-conscious activewear collection included tops, leggings, drawstring dresses, vests, and oversized tees, providing fitness with a flair for the environmentally conscious.

Anya Hindmarch’s ‘This Is Not A Plastic Bag’ Campaign

Anya Hindmarch continued its 16-year-old 'I Am Not A Plastic Bag' campaign, introducing new versions of its iconic Universal Bag. 

Green and blue versions of the Universal Bag were available in collaboration with Asda and Co-op this spring, offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bags.

Needle & Thread SS23

Butterfly Mark certified fashion label Needle & Thread released its Lavender Rose collection ahead of the spring season. 

The collection, synonymous with an elegant, feminine aesthetic, was crafted from recycled tulle, upcycled sequins, and organic cotton, aligning with the 'airy styles' movement.